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The Skills tab gives you general information about your skills.


Skill Table

  • Skill Name
    • This will list every skill in the game.
  • Value
    • This is your skill level before stat modifiers are applied.
  • Base
    • Your skill level with stat modifiers applied. Also known as the 'Show Real' skill level. Use these numbers when calculating skill caps.
  • +/-
    • This column shows any change in skill level since you logged in, or used the reset button.
  • Cap
    • The skill cap for each skill.
  • Lock
    • The lock setting for each skill. 'D' for down, 'U' for up, and 'L' for a locked skill.


  • Reset +/-
    • Resets all +/- column entries in the skill table to 0.0
  • Set all locks
    • Set the locks for all skills according to your selection from the drop-down tab.
  • Copy Selected
    • Copies the skill information from the selected skills to the clipboard. Click a skill to highlight it. For multiple skill selection, hold the control key and click all skills to be copied.
  • Copy All
    • As above, all skills are automatically selected with this tab.
  • Log skill changes
    • All your skill changes will be logged and timestamp into a .csv file in your Razor folder.
  • Show skill/stat changes
    • When checked, Razor will inform you of each skill level change, the change amount and the total change since the last +/- reset.
  • Capture MIBs to file
    • When you open an MIB, a file is written to the root folder of Razor.


This feature only works with the default RunUO MIB Gump.

  • Base Total
    • Displays your character's total base skill level.

Last update: July 4, 2023