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General Settings

The General tab has setting largely related to the client itself and Razor in general.




Each character has a profile that contains your settings, such as the options in Razor and your hotkeys.

Profile Location

Profiles are stored in the same location as Razor.exe under .\Profiles\. You can create a new profile, which will be based on the default profile settings (default.xml)

Multiple Profiles

It's highly recommend that have you have 1 profile per character. If you use the same profile among multiple characters while logged in, you could potentially lose changes to your profile. It's doable, but requires an extra bit a caution to ensure you keep all your profiles synced up.

Feature Description
New Create a new profile based off of the default Razor profile.
Save Save all the current Razor settings without having to log out.
Clone Clone the existing selected profile and create a new one.
Delete Delete the selected profile.
Creating a new profile

Clicking New will generate a new profile based on the default profile that comes with Razor. If you rather create a new profile using an existing profile, select that profile first and click the Clone button.

Saving your profiles

Razor will save your profile two ways.

  • When you open your paperdoll in UO, click Logout and click OK.
    • This triggers the client to tell Razor that you logged off, which performs the profile save.
  • Click the Save button manually to ensure your changes are saved.
Maps / Boat


Razor's Ultima Online Position System (UOPS) gives you a basic map.

Boat Control


Boat Control was inspired by UO Rudder and designed to make navigating the seas of Britannia much easier. This tool is built into Razor.


Right-clicking on 1 of the 4 directions will set relative location.

Feature Description
Show Welcome Screen (Global Setting) When checked, opening Razor will give you the Welcome Screen. This is where you can enter new servers, change your client location, etc.
Use Smart Always on Top Razor will stay on top of the UO window when it becomes active and hide when it becomes inactive.
Show in Taskbar or System Tray You can have Razor in the Taskbar or the System Tray. It's all up to you.
Default Client Priority This changes the priority given to the process. Honestly, leave it at Normal. This feature should be removed. It's old.
Opacity Adjust the transparency of Razor. Useful on a single monitor.
Language The .\Language\ folder contains all the translations. Some are missing, feel free to translate based on the .enu file located in the package.

Last update: July 4, 2023