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This version of Razor is completely portable and can be installed in any location. All profiles, scripts, macros are all stored within subfolders of Razor.exe.

Migrating Existing Profiles

To migrate/move Profiles, Scripts and Macros between Razor installations, simply close out of all instances of Razor and copy/paste the following folders/files from your old Razor location to the new location:

  • Profiles
  • Macros
  • Scripts
  • counters.xml
  • Razor.exe.config (only if you made changes)

Application Layout



When you open Razor for the first time, a set of default settings are created.

Multiple Profiles

It's highly recommend that have you have 1 profile per character. If you use the same profile among multiple characters while logged in, you could potentially lose changes to your profile. It's doable, but requires an extra bit a caution to ensure you keep all your profiles synced up.


Macros are stored in the Macros folder and saved with the .macro file extension. These files can be read using any basic text editor.

Absolute Target Variables

Macros are scared across Profiles. To avoid making multiple macros that do the same thing, be sure to review Absolute Target Variables


Editing macros within the file can be difficult beyond simply copy/pasting due to syntax. If you'd like the ability to edit scripts in a text editor, check out the Razor Scripting Engine.


Scripts are stored in the Scripts folder and saved with the .razor file extension. These files can be read using any basic text editor.

Razor Scripting Engine

Razor has a built-in editor to help with syntax, color coding and auto-completion. Review the Razor Scripting Engine for more details.


File Descripton
animdata.csv This file contains the list of animations used when filtering different mobiles in
counters.xml This files contains the list of items that can be counted by Razor. While the use of the counter in the titlebar has been deprecated for the in-game counter bar available in ClassicUO it's still required for the macro and script system to count items.
guidelines.def This file contains the guardline definitions that display on the UOPS map
overrides.def This file contains overrides for specific static values in Razor. See file for details.
Razor.exe.config This file is the base configuration for Razor and contains a few settings, such as more organizer or restock agents, that require the application to be started when those values are changed.
spells.def This file contains the list of spells in game and if they are considered Harmful or Beneficial.


Files not listed here the related binaries required for Razor to work. They include files ending with .dll, .lib, .exe, .exp, .pdb and should not be part of restoring Razor files between installations.


File Description
Razor.exe.config This configuration is used if you are using Razor with the OSI client
ClassicUO.exe.config This configuration is used if you are using Razor with the ClassicUO client

You must manually edit that file if you want to set any of these values.

    <add key="UODataDir" value="C:\Games\UO" />
    <add key="UOClient" value="C:\Games\UO\client.exe" />
    <add key="LastPort" value="2593" />
    <add key="LastProfile" value="default" />
    <add key="LastServer" value="" />
    <add key="LastServerId" value="0" />
    <add key="ClientEncrypted" value="1" />
    <add key="ServerEncrypted" value="0" />
    <add key="ShowWelcome" value="1" />
    <add key="UId" value="21613fcd" />
    <add key="MaxOrganizerAgents" value="20" />
    <add key="MaxBuyAgents" value="10" />
    <add key="MaxRestockAgents" value="10" />
    <add key="ImportProfilesAndMacros" value="true" />
    <add key="BackupPath" value=".\Backup" />

If you need more Organizer, Buy or Restock agents, modify these values or add them to the ClassicUO config.

<add key="MaxOrganizerAgents" value="20" />
<add key="MaxBuyAgents" value="10" />
<add key="MaxRestockAgents" value="10" />

Overhead Messages

For details on how to use the Overhead Messages feature, view the help guide.

In-Game Commands

Razor supports the following in-game commands (not case-sensitive).

Command Prefix

The command prefix with the OSI client is -.

If you are using ClassicUO, you must prefix each command with >.

For example, instead of -where you would type >where. This is due to ClassicUO commands starting with - and several UO commands for yell, whisper, guild use other symbols so Razor had find something unique.

  • help - Displays all the in-game commands you see here.
  • adduseonce - Creates a target that adds the item to the UseOnce list.
  • time - Displays the current client system time.
  • where - Displays your X/Y/Z coordinates according to Razor.


Some shards support [where to get your location from the server.

  • ping - Pings the server 5 times and returns the results.
  • echo - Send a message to yourself. Useful for leaving a note to yourself when macroing, for example.
  • getserial - Get information on the RPV you are viewing to verify authenticity.
  • rpvinfo - Get information on the RPV you are viewing to verify authenticity.
  • macro [name] - This will run a macro in-game. If you have a macro called CreateRobes you would type macro CreateRobes.
  • hue - Display information about an item, include the hue.
  • item - Same as hue.
  • info - Display a gump that shows info about the item or mobile selected.
  • resync - This will resync your client, the same way the resync hotkey does.
  • mobile - Display some general information about a mobile (used for debugging)
  • weather [weather_type] [num_of_effects] - Set the weather in the game. Weather will end automatically after 6 minutes, on newer clients it will end in 10 minutes.
  • [weather_type]:
    • 0 - It starts to rain
    • 1 - A fierce storm approaches
    • 2 - It begins to snow
    • 3 - A storm is brewing
  • [num_of_effects] - Max number on the screen (client restriction) is 70.
  • season [season_type] - Sets the season. This is client side only.
  • [season_type]:
    • 0 - Spring
    • 1 - Summer
    • 2 - Fall
    • 3 - Winter
    • 4 - Desolation
  • set [variable] - Sets a macro variable*
  • waypoint [x] [y] or track off - Sets a waypoint at a specific X/Y location. If you pass off it will remove it from the client.
  • sysmsgs - Show the current system message buffer
  • boat - Show in-game boat control gump
  • hotkeys - Show in-game gump with used hot keys

Legacy Versions

These versions were developed before ClassicUO and will only work with the standard OSI client.


These versions are no longer supported and while they should work just fine they should be considered legacy.

Razor Version Hash
Razor v1.5.0.16 SHA256: 63D0B617FCE217C067A3270323C9E58B63F379F401B4224E0EA937DAA7871B8B
Razor v1.5.0.15 SHA256: 64916F16A72FDE5E9C17B3A180001A896E9472458C8DB69E09DC7E37D78A6B30
Razor v1.5.0.14 SHA256: 1D352F7814311FDBFC3EF16DEAD6664562C85B3817D953112F687099A98D104A
Razor v1.5.0.13 SHA256: 090D753820B791E115532E96703DE1650B4DB0CE88191355D0F65A5799A51571
Razor v1.5.0.12 SHA256: 1AC1DAFBBDEE3DBEB1D031E63CAF904D43B60A05E98CB83ECA4872F892BD4F36
Razor v1.5.0.11 SHA256: 5945E5F9D5C87FEF552881C319167BD4ED012AE01D31FA855449B034129F7225
Razor v1.5.0.10 SHA256: 80FACEE8DB005E5CB7A89EFEBEE4BEE2DA242C0BF9AFA31B20ADEBEC44ED7FEF
Razor v1.5.0.9 SHA256: 63158C8987BA0E7FBBA5917018595617830CF7B72A699A50A34F79A943365EE0
Razor v1.5.0.8 SHA256: 0D25D01C85CFC8BA51D4FFEEBF59A3DC23B2400850A4B41C613DFC50AFAD5487
Razor v1.5.0.7 SHA256: BD239C8F10FB80C3D1F6D185557679A0FCCF0CE35B2DB6D726B0DB0DB8BE7B7A


This version of Razor is identical to version except with one major change to how Razor figures our your position to address the Razor "desync" issue.

Some users have reported issues when logging in so that is why this version is marked as experimental. If you experience issues, please revert to

Razor Version Hash
Razor v1.5.0.17 SHA256: D26E8B887FC26B94FB5B0C50530BE07A4393783CCBEAA9C3FD5B38171A857571

Validate Checksum

  • Windows (using Powershell)

powershell Get-FileHash '.\' -Algorithm SHA25

  • Mac
shasum -a 256 /path/to/' -Algorithm SHA256
  • Linux
sha256sum /path/to/

Configuration File

The Welcome Screen will control some of these settings, but some settings can only be changed by editing .\Razor.exe.config.

    <add key="PatchEncy" value="1" /> <!-- Patch client encryption -->
    <add key="ServerEnc" value="0" /> <!-- Use OSI encryption -->
    <add key="MaxOrganizerAgents" value="20" /> <!-- Override the default Organizer agent count -->
    <add key="MaxBuyAgents" value="10" /> <!-- Override the default Buy agent count -->
    <add key="MaxRestockAgents" value="10" /> <!-- Override the default Restock agent count -->
    <add key="ImportProfilesAndMacros" value="false" />  <!-- If true, will import macros and profiles from %AppData%\Razor -->
    <add key="LastProfile" value="Test" /> <!-- Last profile used in Razor -->
    <add key="LastServer" value="" /> <!-- Last server connected to in Razor -->
    <add key="LastPort" value="2597" /> <!-- Last server port connected to in Razor -->
    <add key="LastServerId" value="1" /> <!-- Index of the server selected in the dropdown -->
    <add key="ShowWelcome" value="1" /> <!-- Show the Welcome Screen when loading Razor -->
    <add key="UOClient" value="D:\Games\UO\client.exe" /> <!-- Location to Ultima Online client -->
    <add key="UODataDir" value="D:\Games\UO" /> <!-- Location to Ultima Online data directory -->

<!-- You can define a list of servers here by adding values between <Servers></Servers> -->
    <add key="Custom Server" value=",2593" />

Last update: July 4, 2023