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This tab will show some data regarding Razor internals and give you a few options. The data on the left is purely for informational purposes only.


Feature Description
Open Data Directory Opens Windows Explorer to the folder containing your profiles and macros.
Enable packet logging This feature will save all packets flowing between the UO client and server. Useful for debugging purposes but when enabled can slow down Razor and eventually cause a large file to be created if not disabled.
Negotiate features with server This allows Razor to communicate with the server to enable/disable certain features in Razor. When this box is not checked, Razor will fail to respond to a negotiation packet and you will subsequently be disconnected from the server you are connected to.
Enable UOA API This opens up a limited API that can be used by 3rd party applications (such as various mapping tools) to get some data from Razor.

Disable SmartCPU

SmartCPU has been completely removed from this version, but the option to disable it remains in place in case it was enabled in an older version.


To create a backup, click the Create Backup button. This will copy all your profiles, macros and scripts to the Backups folder in the root of your Razor folder.

Last update: 2022-11-24