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Download UO Razor

Client Support

It's highly recommended that you use the ClassicUO client with this version of Razor, however it should work with the original 5.x and 7.x clients though support for any bugs may be limited.

If you plan on using Razor with the original client, download the x86 version otherwise download x64 for ClassicUO.

Latest Release

Use the links below to download the latest version of Razor. To learn more about each version, view the release notes. You can also download previous versions on Github.

Download Razor (x64)

Download Razor (x86)

Developer Preview

This is built automatically after each commit to master, so it may contain bugs and/or unfinished features but is generally considered stable.

Build & Deploy Dev Preview

Download Developer Preview (1.9.X.0) (x64)

Download Developer Preview (1.9.X.0) (x86)

More Info

Last update: July 4, 2023