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Download UO Razor

This version of Razor is portable. All files (Profiles, Macros, Scripts, etc) are contained within the same folder as Razor and can be transferred with a simple copy/paste.

Client Support

It's highly recommended that you use the ClassicUO client with this version of Razor, however it should work with the original 5.x and 7.x clients though support for any bugs may be limited.

When using ClassicUO, some features in Razor are disabled since they either won't work and/or may cause conflicts with ClassicUO.

Razor with ClassicUO Support

To learn more about each version, view the release notes. You can also view all the releases on Github.

Version Release Date
Razor v1.7.4.49 July 26th 2022
Razor v1.7.3.36 Jan 10th 2022
Razor v1.7.1.7 Oct 13th 2021
Razor v1.7.0.12 May 29th 2021
Razor v1.6.9.21 Feb 27th 2021
Razor v1.6.8.15 Dec 15th 2020
Razor v1.6.7.10 Oct 24th 2020
Razor v1.6.6.15 Sept 14th 2020
Razor v1.6.5.16 Aug 8th 2020
Razor v1.6.4.32 May 17th 2020
Razor v1.6.4.2 Mar 13th 2020
Razor v1.6.2.23 Dec 18th 2019
Razor v1.6.1.32 Aug 5th 2019
Razor v1.6.0.57 June 28th 2019

Developer Preview

Link Description
Razor Developer Preview This is built automatically after each commit to master, so it may contain bugs and/or unfinished features but is generally considered stable.

Razor with OSI Client Only Support

These versions were pre-ClassicUO and will only work with the standard OSI client.


These versions are no longer supported and while they should work just fine they should be considered legacy.

Razor Version Hash
Razor v1.5.0.16 SHA256: 63D0B617FCE217C067A3270323C9E58B63F379F401B4224E0EA937DAA7871B8B
Razor v1.5.0.15 SHA256: 64916F16A72FDE5E9C17B3A180001A896E9472458C8DB69E09DC7E37D78A6B30
Razor v1.5.0.14 SHA256: 1D352F7814311FDBFC3EF16DEAD6664562C85B3817D953112F687099A98D104A
Razor v1.5.0.13 SHA256: 090D753820B791E115532E96703DE1650B4DB0CE88191355D0F65A5799A51571
Razor v1.5.0.12 SHA256: 1AC1DAFBBDEE3DBEB1D031E63CAF904D43B60A05E98CB83ECA4872F892BD4F36
Razor v1.5.0.11 SHA256: 5945E5F9D5C87FEF552881C319167BD4ED012AE01D31FA855449B034129F7225
Razor v1.5.0.10 SHA256: 80FACEE8DB005E5CB7A89EFEBEE4BEE2DA242C0BF9AFA31B20ADEBEC44ED7FEF
Razor v1.5.0.9 SHA256: 63158C8987BA0E7FBBA5917018595617830CF7B72A699A50A34F79A943365EE0
Razor v1.5.0.8 SHA256: 0D25D01C85CFC8BA51D4FFEEBF59A3DC23B2400850A4B41C613DFC50AFAD5487
Razor v1.5.0.7 SHA256: BD239C8F10FB80C3D1F6D185557679A0FCCF0CE35B2DB6D726B0DB0DB8BE7B7A


This version of Razor is identical to version except with one major change to how Razor figures our your position to address the Razor "desync" issue.

Some users have reported issues when logging in so that is why this version is marked as experimental. If you experience issues, please revert to

Razor Version Hash
Razor v1.5.0.17 SHA256: D26E8B887FC26B94FB5B0C50530BE07A4393783CCBEAA9C3FD5B38171A857571

Validate Checksum

  • Windows (using Powershell)
Get-FileHash '.\' -Algorithm SHA25
  • Mac
shasum -a 256 /path/to/' -Algorithm SHA256
  • Linux
sha256sum /path/to/

Last update: 2022-11-24